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HTML index generator script 29th Jun 08 Did this just for fun. The script can generate a HTML based index of all the files and directories in a certain location.
The fastest and richest class finder, ever! 22nd Jun 08 After all the wait, here I finally proudly release CF - A fast Java Class Finder. It comes with a host of new features and a great performance boost compared to contemporary peers.
Static Initializer and Blank Final Problem in Java 21st Jun 08 Read on to understand the situation and an explanation of the behaviour.
Simple Implementation of Wildcard (*) Text Matching using Java 13th May 08 A simple algorithm and implementation of wildcard text matching using Java. Please follow to read.
Args Engine - A reusable solution for Command Line Arguments Parsing in Java 12th May 08 A simple and reusable solution for day-to-day Command Line Parsing using Java. Read on to know more at
RARoScope - Java Library for Scanning RAR Archives 17th Mar 08 A pure Java library for scanning RAR Archives. Find out more at

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