I recently saw that a colleague of mine had written a Java program to generate a simple HTML index of all the sub-directories of a given directory. I felt that the task could be accomplished with even more control if we just had a Windows batch script which does the same, eliminating the need for any JVM.

I've christened this script, indexer.bat so that it's easy to remember. Currently the script can be used by placing a copy of the same in the directory you want to be indexed. Then, by running the script, you can expect to find an HTML, index.html created in the same directory. This can be viewed in any browser.

Download indexer 1.8 kB
Facing download problems? Click here to download a text version.

The output will be an XHTML 1.1 compliant document so that it looks near identical in all versions of all recent browsers on earth.

A few candid words

I don't know how useful this script will be to you, but I did learn a lot of new features of batch scripting. For instance, features such as appended redirection, escaping < and > characters and some cool switches for the dir command are the ones that I discovered. I wish to include few command line options to this script and make it little easier to use in the near future.


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