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CF - A fast Java Class Finder

What is it with class finders these days? Everyone seems to have their own version of the tool. From naive programmers creating crude forms to large organizations with fairly sophisticated ones. Through this article, I present my little implementation of the product.

But before you explore further, I have a few claims to make. I have tried my best to bridge the many mutual exclusivities exhibited by similar products in the realm.

22 Jun 2008

Args Engine - A reusable solution for Command Line Arguments Parsing in Java

Args Engine is a simple command line parsing engine for Java. The library has a single class and can be imported into any project of your choice easily. The only prerequisite, however, is that Java 1.5 or higher is required for the library to work.

This library works for applications which need to parse either (or both) short form (e.g. -h) or long form (e.g. --help) command line options. It also supports parsing valued options with the assumption that the value for an option follows the option itself (as in -out /usr/myhome/result.log).

12 May 2008

RARoScope - Java Library for Scanning RAR Files

Ever faced the challenge of having to be able to scan RAR archives using Java? Wished the API was as simple and easy to use as the ones provided for ZIP and JAR handling in Java? Don't want the hassles of including expensive native code into your Java application?

RARoScope is here to solve all these woes.

17 Mar 2008