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HTML Index Generator Batch Script for Windows

I recently saw that a colleague of mine had written a Java program to generate a simple HTML index of all the sub-directories of a given directory. I felt that the task could be accomplished with even more control if we just had a Windows batch script which does the same, eliminating the need for any JVM.

I've christened this script, indexer.bat so that it's easy to remember.

29 Jun 2008

Batch Rename File Extensions on Windows

“Necessity is the mother of invention” turned true to me this weekend as I wrote this script. Consider this. You go on a weekend outing with your friends and end up taking hundreds of snaps using your favourite digital camera.

You come home and download all the pictures to your laptop. Everything is fine about the pictures and all your friends are happy with the image quality. But, you being a perfectionism and systematism freak, somehow don’t like to have those “.JPG” extensions to your files. You wish you could change the extensions of all those files to “.jpeg” in one shot.

03 Nov 2007

The Simplest Way to Open Command Prompt in Windows

enter image description here

If you use Windows, you must have realized that Command Prompt is one of the most frequently used programs. There are many times when we wish to open a Command Prompt to start in a certain directory. For example, how nice would it be if we could just right click on a deep directory and open a Command Prompt window to start from there!

19 Sep 2006

Very Long File Names in Windows

We had a strange problem one day when we were trying to deploy an Enterprise Application on WebSphere™ Application Server installed on a Windows XP machine. The application was never getting deployed although it was a perfectly valid one with no errors whatsoever. Just before the application would be deployed completely, a FileNotFoundException was being thrown for the EJB deployment descriptor. D:\IBM\..214 characters more ..\ibm-ejb-jar-bnd.xmi (The system cannot
find the path specified)
    at Method)
    at Code))
21 Feb 2005