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Fun with XMPP and Google Talk, Part 2

The second part of the technical article on XMPP, Fun with XMPP and Google Talk that was already published here. If you haven’t yet gone through the first part, I insist you do so before reading this one for the sake of continuity and ease of understanding.

20 Nov 2007

Fun with XMPP and Google Talk

Ethereal screenshot

Have you ever wondered when signing into Google Talk, what might be happening under the hood? How can it tell you that your friend is typing just as she has, in fact, started typing? How does it manage to show all that real time presence information?

Well, one day I got really curious and decided to open it up! In this two part article, I share my adventures as I unravel the way Google Talk does what it is best at — Communication.

29 Oct 2007